Nazaif Haider Jaffrey Death: How the Bradford Teenager Died

It has been over a year and a half since the death of the young student Nazaif Haider Jaffrey who died by committing suicide. Here is everything you need to know about. 

In the beginning days of 2020, a young student, named Nazaif Zulkarnin Haider Jaffrey, aged about 18, committed suicide.

This news spread all over very quickly and many people are still eager to find out what exactly happened are what are the whereabouts of his other family members now.

There are many reasons and causes mentioned on different sources that might be reliable for the people, but nothing specific has been revealed yet regarding this matter.

Concerns of people regarding why he committed suicide, his parents, age, Facebook and social appearance, photos, and related matters are still at the top of the web and are rising rapidly.

Nazaif Haider Jaffrey Death: Why Did The Bradford Teenager Commit Suicide?

The cause of the young man Nazaif Zulkarnin Haider Jaffrey’s death is suicide and it is a clear matter.

He was found unresponsive at his house on January 14, 2020, by his family. They tried to do PCR upon him but it did not work out and Nazaif eventually passed away.

Talking about what might have led to him committing suicide, we do not have very specific answers apart from the fact that he had mental health issues.

Indeed, Nazaif had previously tried to do something similar by overdosing. And this happened 2 times consecutively in February and march of 2019.

Then, he was sent to Bradford’s mental health service where he did spend some time and it was thought that he was getting good.

After a few months less than a year of those incidents happening, he passed away. But how he killed himself is not revealed anywhere.

Talking about the specific reasons, he might have faced bullying and similar problems that led to his decreasing wish to live.

Nazaif Haider Jaffrey Age: How Old Was He?

The age of the young student Nazaif Haider Jaffrey was just 18 years old at the time of his death.

Well, his exact date of birth has not been revealed yet, but as per the numerous sources who reported his death, he was just 18 then.

Who Are Nazaif Haider Jaffrey Parents?

Nazaif Haider Jaffrey was born to and was living with his parents in Bradford.

However, there is no information about who they are as individuals, or even anything specific about them.

Well, we do know that they are the ones who are most devastated because no parents should ever have to bury their own child.

Also, they were the ones who tried to get their son justice because they thought he was bullied on a regular basis, at his school by his friends.

However, their case was never built because there was no proof of that at all.

Nazaif Haider Jaffrey Facebook Photos

Nazaif Haider Jaffrey was not personally active on Facebook.

However, there are numerous sources on Facebook who have provided information about Nazaif Haider Jaffrey and also, his photos.

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