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BTS (방탄소년단) drops another trending song titled “Skit” and it’s right here for your fast Mp3 Download. Feel free to be downloading your latest, Music Mp3 & Mp4 here, we wish to see you back here on Marianefeder.

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[BTS “Skit” conversation]

Jin: Billboard singer… No. 1 singer entry!
??: Admission (laughs) Congratulations
??: Oh what’s already […]
J-Hope: Oh, you’re calling the number 1 singer (laughs)
V: Wow… Please
Wow V: Happy birthday too
Jungkook: Oh, so
J-Hope: Hey, are you the number one on the billboard on your birthday?
I got the birthday present correctly JUNG KOOK: That’s why
Jin: I don’t need a gift JUNG KOOK JUNG:
This is a little nonsense… It doesn’t make sense
RM: I don’t need it anymore… Let’s give each other a gift
J-Hope: #1 on Billboard Is it a gift
??: Right
Jungkook: I really got the best gift in my life… Oh, what happened to this…
J-Hope: Was it just official today? September 1st?
Jungkook: Today I’m a double slope. Real
V: Maybe I’ll be up on Thursday? That’s just officially on the chart
RM: Oh, it’s Saturday?
[Suga opens the door and enters]
V: Oh~
Suga: Oh, sorry, the number 1 singer on the billboard is too late […]
J-Hope and a few others: (Laughter)
Suga: Oh, good job I went to the bathroom
RM: A word of your trouble. Yes
Suga: **** ********* A
few others besides V: (Laughs)
Jin: That was amazing. Yes
Suga: Oh Billboard No. 1 singer Can people do this? Is this not also a
few other political: (laughs)
RM: Type singer’s previous No. 1 six people sitting
Sugar: Oh good health was
RM: How did everyone do yesterday? I slept calmly and early yesterday, and
Suga: Oh , I got healthy (Fish)
J-Hope: I was in contact with him late [?]
Jin: I opened a bottle right away after seeing Nam June sent me yesterday, and then I had a drink…
Suga : I couldn’t sleep even a breath
RM: (Excitement) No, I sent it to the chat room as soon as I got up, but there’s no response, everyone! –
Sugar: crying stayed
RM: – “???’re sleeping.” While doing this,
Suga: I’m sorry, I was crying. I’m sorry.
Jungkook: I honestly didn’t know if I was coming up today V
: Me too. But I didn’t know that Tuesday was today, because there was no date concept
RM: There’s a jet lag, because of the jet lag
Jimin: Oh, only sleep I thought I’d rise
tonight V: Today I-
Jin: 1:30 PM I knew it
Jimin: So I was saying, “I hope so…” Now,
Suga: (sighs)
RM: Why, did you really want to retire?
Jay hops: (laughs)
Vuitton Now announced to retire, Mr.
RM: Legends is a basket
Music halrago until death: Sugar
few other RM: (laughs)
RM: Life declared permanent Declaration
J. Hops: What I’m off to drink? What do I do
RM: After it’s over […]
V: I shouldn’t buy it [?]
Let’s have a quick drink after it’s over RM: Let’s have a drink together-
V: But-
RM:-I think it’s good
V:-Billboard #1 singer
Could n’t prevent’Oanchwi (today’s choreography canceled)’ J-Hope:’Oanchwi’?
Suga: We should choreograph V
: (laughs)
J-Hope: Oh, let’s shorten it and finish it
Jimin: Yes , then- Jungkook:
What are you doing today?
J-Hope: Things
I did RM: DNA and
J-Hope: No more dreams, no more dreams
Jimin: No more dreams… Yes, don’t worry everyone
RM:No, we’re doing a beginner-finding project, practicing No More Dreams in the first place.
Suga: (out loud) You’re talking like a beginner.
RM: No, how cool it is. Hyung, the number 1 singer on Billboard is practicing his debut song that day.
Wow~ RealV: Hyung,
writethat as lyrics??: How do you write
V: (laughs)
RM: (Rapping) I practiced No More Dreams again today! Dung~ Dung~ Dung~ While doing this,
Jimin and a few others: (laughs)
Jimin: That’s also funny, practicing [?] on a great day… Is it fun?
J-Hope: Oh…
RM: (sighs) Ah… Real
J-Hope: I have to practice
RM: I woke up this morning and keep watching the news Real
Suga: I couldn’t sleep
Jimin: But it’s really amazing… Everyone is really amazing He
RM: you really incredible
political situation: the great of you
sugar: No, what amazing singer by billboard No. 1 … I tell you that […]
Jimin: We want to show the real thing too, where rattling
RM: real hopah … Isn’t this happiness? Everyone
: (laughs)
[fade out]

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